Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photo Essay: Fancy But Deceiving Cars

My audience includes my classmates, teacher, car owners, car companies, and mechanics. The context will be our class on March 25th, and we will have our photo essays on our blog. We will then walk around viewing each other’s photo essays. This photo essay will be a good way to expose us into a new type of writing.
The photo essay will still be for a grade in our college writing II class, and will have certain requirements that should be met. We will have a narrative to go along with the photographs. The use of ethos, pathos, and logos should be included in our narrative. It has to be understandable to others without any help from us. The arrangement of the photographs should flow, and the captions will be used to clarify the understanding of the purpose.
Part of my purpose is to do well on this photo essay, and also meet all the requirements. My purpose for the photo essay is to teach people what reasons to buy a car. People should buy cars for safety features, not for their looks. I know showing how cars look will be easy to picture, but showing how safe a car is in a photo will be difficult and weird. By this photo essay, the audience should think about their safety first before looks. Also to have them think on what they think about when they are buying a car.
My strategy for using ethos is to raise serious questions when the reader is viewing my photo essay, and to think about it when they are buying a car. Pathos will seem to be informational and caring about the reader’s safety. Logos is going to have my argument based on comparison. I am going to put a photo of how a nice car looks and then a picture showing how safe it is. Also I will have pictures of safe car looks and its’ safety. Sometimes we do not think on how safe the car is, and buy the car just for its’ looks. I’ll use at least 5 comparisons to get the message across.

My Photo Essay

Conclusion: I believed I did accomplished my goal in having people think on what reason they are buying a car. The photographs that I used show different types and years of cars. Also some photograph show the danger of old cars, and the positive of newer cars. The captions do help explain further on what is going on in the pictures.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Photo Essay Review

A recent project I have been working on is a photo essay. It's a very unique way of writing an essay rather than, the traditional five paragraph paper. The photo essay expands your traditional writing skills with the use of having visuals. At first this project seemed like a great idea for me, and the reason for that is I really do not like writing five paragraph papers. The idea of having your photographs that you have taken be consider part of your essay was cool. Most of us takes pictures all the time, and put them up on different websites such as, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so, that part would not be so bad. After working on a rough draft, I seemed to get a bit confused and frustrated because it was hard to find a way to get an argument across through a series of pictures. It seem like even having a short narrative and captions would not get the argument across. Plus, this photo essay had to have the rhetorical strategies of ethos, pathos, and logos. May be the topic I chose is not a good one for this type of essay. People should buy cars for safety and not just looks. I still believe this type of writing is a great idea, and will be interesting how this project turns out.